Home Cinemas


Our Theaters are just simply fabulous!  A good Theater, with an IMMERSIVE Screen, now becomes your own Home Cinema!  These EXTRA LARGE movie screens are called 2.35 or 2.40 Cinemascope Filmscreens.  With incredible 8 Million Pixel 4K UHD images - and motorized masking panels that change your screen's size -- you'll always have a perfect video on your screen!  Plus, our best speaker packages will make your Cinema an actual THX CERTIFIED ROOM that meets the THX Sound Curve - The Best Sound Available.  At this level, it's over the top.  These rooms are fun, impressive, moving, and keeps your family together - the party is at your house!

Our Theaters become most people's favorite room in the house.  Enjoy these photos - maybe they'll generate ideas to help inspire YOUR next favorite room!  A special THX! to our customers!

All photos are taken at the job site - These are not stock images.