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We’ve been at this for over 30 years now, and during these years, we’ve gained a lot of experience with what particular brands and systems work best with each other. After all, our job is to INTEGRATE these various systems to work together “ as one ” - easy to operate system. With that in mind, we’ve been replicating this blend of products in jobs across the USA.

Our clients love VANTAGE brand lighting control keypads & buttons for the top build - quality, ease of use and upscale presentation. You’ll see many photos of these Vantage keypads, or “light switches” in our folders. These keypads replace standard light switches and with them you turn on & off your lights, your TV’s, Music, Volume and operate scenes – that you can modify whenever you like – with just one push of a button. AND...these buttons are laser - engraved, backlit and easy to see. They’ve got many designs, colors and finishes available to select from.

Plus, we love Vantage because it integrates so well with our SAVANT Home Automation. You can operate your entire world from their user - interfaces - remotes, smart - phone APPS, tablets, touch screens, etc. – all with industry leading, and awar d winning experiences. This blend of VANTAGE and SAVANT is our most used, most loved, and most asked - for systems that our clients are installing in multiple homes and locations .

The Technology Closet®

One of the most important components of any home automation system is the wiring. Enter the technology closet. By placing all your important hardwire and wiring in one spot, you get a host of benefits.
blueprints for design plan blueprints for design plan

Design & Documentation Technology Plan

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We design a lot of theaters . All the photos you’re seeing here are our true work product as we don’t use stock images. Most all our theaters are still in use today, some well over 20 years old , still looking fabulous and still being enjoyed by their families! Our private theaters offer a place of refuge and a place for your entir e family to gather and spend time together, creating memories, and staying safe.

By investing in great design and top - quality professional - grade equipment and seating you’re sure to create everyone’s favorite room! Our expertise and experience show in our attention to the details: The physical room design itself, size of screen, riser platforms for seating, sound - proofing technologies, CAD Drawings, SONY Laser Video Projection Systems, Fabulous Stewart Film Screens, JBL Synthesis THX Multi - Channel Audio Systems, Starfield Ceilings, LED Lighting, Fabric - covered Acoustic panels, Top Line Seating options , Custom Millwork, Unique Entry Doors, Theater Lobby areas & more. Setup a meeting to start your private theater today!
person touching smart phone app person touching smart phone app

The One App Home

Easy Living specializes in the One App Home using Savant's award-winning app
  • Manage any device in a single room, several rooms at once, or your entire home
  • Create scenes for everyday use with a single button press, or without any commands at all with automated schedules

  • Use your phone to see who’s at the door, then use smart locks to let them inside
motorized blinds coming down on white trim window motorized blinds coming down on white trim window

Motorized Shades

High-Precision Control of Shades Provides Exceptional Style and Privacy
  • Choose from a variety of high-end design, fabric and color options
  • Effortlessly close all shades to protect your family’s privacy
  • Manage natural light to preserve delicate furnishings and artwork
smart home with different colors of LED lighting in each window smart home with different colors of LED lighting in each window

LED Lighting

Leverage Style and Flexibility to Turn Your Elegant Design Visions into a Reality
  • Revitalize your space with artful control of intensity and color
  • Incorporate avant-garde sconces, pendants and recess fixtures
  • Craft a more comfortable living environment while reducing energy consumption

smart phone with surveillance image on it in front of blurred garage smart phone with surveillance image on it in front of blurred garage

Security & Cameras with Remote Access

Gain Peace of Mind with Your Home Security Accessed via Your Smartphone
  • Remotely greet and let-in guests via mobile app or touchpad
  • Receive alerts, monitor surveillance and lock doors while away
  • Manage access for dog walkers, property managers and housekeepers
Intercom box in entryway Intercom box in entryway

Entry / Access Control

Protect Your Property by Easily Managing Who Comes and Goes
  • Let people in using mobile apps, access codes, or door stations
  • System alerts you of guests through your multi-room audio
  • Screen guests through 2-way video and audio communication
hidden audio video in a conference room with brown walls hidden audio video in a conference room with brown walls

Hidden Audio Video

Reduce Audio and Video Clutter for a More Refined Interior Décor
  • Invisible architectural speakers hide within walls and ceilings
  • Televisions easily vanish behind works of art or elegant mirrors
  • Eliminate the need for AV gear in each individual room
tv on patio outdoors with wooden accents tv on patio outdoors with wooden accents

Climate Control

An Unrivalled Living Environment with Effortless Climate Control
  • Flawless control via mobile app, touchpad or voice commands
  • Program automatic settings based on time of day, season or room
  • Remotely adjust climate to prepare vacation homes for your arrival

amazon alexa on light wooden table amazon alexa on light wooden table

Voice Recognition

Imagine a Smart Home that Instantly Caters to Your Needs with a Simple Voice Command
  • Control lights, AV and lighting through natural commands
  • Sophisticated AI understands complex commands with ease
  • Incorporate popular services like Amazon Alexa and Google Home
outdoor tv on porch with wooden accents outdoor tv on porch with wooden accents

Outdoor Entertainment

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces with High-Performance AV
  • Take your favorite music, movies and sports outdoors
  • High-performance speakers and TVs overcome noise and glare
  • Elegant landscape lighting extends the fun beyond sunset

Embrace the Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle

Our team designs immersive entertainment spaces that offer high-performance sound, audio and lighting installations without sacrificing your decor. Make it even better by keeping all the components hidden in a technology closet.

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