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surveillance camer on stone wall
outdoor of home with security camera
closeup of security camera on home
close up image of security camera
gated entry with iron gate


iphone on marble next to Sonos speaker iphone on marble next to Sonos speaker

Connected Home

Envision a System in Which All Your Technology Communicates Effortlessly
  • Sophisticated networks streamline connections between AV, security and more

  • Revitalize your home by enabling all of your technology to work together
  • Bring technology under one device for a refined, luxurious lifestyle
mother and two sons looking at ipad mother and two sons looking at ipad


Powerful Wi-Fi Connectivity for All Indoor and Outdoor Areas
  • Own your WiFi & Network Hardware! Don’t build your home communications & security network with ‘rented” hardware from your Internet Service Provider. It’s far better to own your network – more secure, faster, better signal, easier to change services!
  • Let’s work on PLACEMENT of your WiFi Access Points. Provide better coverage and easier change - out to newer technologies as they become available.
  • WiFi is more important than ever and we will depend on it more and more each year. Go for the BEST – commercial - grade professional access points provide more benefit than most all other hardware in your home.
image of surveillance footage on cell phone image of surveillance footage on cell phone

Smart Security

Gain Peace of Mind with Your Home Security Accessed via Your Smartphone
  • Remotely greet and let-in guests via mobile app or touchpad
  • Receive alerts, monitor surveillance and lock doors while away
  • Manage access for dog walkers, property managers and housekeepers

security camera on wooden ceiling security camera on wooden ceiling


Enjoy Unmatched Peace of Mind with Superior Surveillance
  • High-performance cameras offer unrivalled resolution and video analytics
  • Seamlessly pull up live footage from anywhere in the world
  • Exceptional control allows you to easily find and share footage
intercom box and entry of home intercom box and entry of home

Entry / Access Control

Protect Your Property by Easily Managing Who Comes and Goes
  • Let people in using mobile apps, access codes, or door stations
  • System alerts you of guests through your multi-room audio

  • Screen guests through 2-way video and audio communication
home security camera on stone wall home security camera on stone wall

Remote Access / Monitoring

Extend the Reach of Your Security with Remote Access
  • Monitor your properties from anywhere using a mobile app
  • Arm your system, view surveillance and lock doors remotely

  • Carefree travel with immediate alerts in case of an emergency
image of large home during daytime image of large home during daytime

Automated Door Locks

Sophisticated Door Locks Offer Added Security and Efficiency
  • Replaces traditional keys with mobile apps or access codes
  • Let household staff in remotely or through unique codes
  • Easily review entries with constantly updated security logs
child holding stuffed toy while sleeping child holding stuffed toy while sleeping

Fire/Life Safety

Proactive Safety Measures Protect Your Family
  • Actively monitor for heat, smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Lessen any potential damage by automatically shutting off your HVAC
  • Individually identify your smoke, heat and CO detectors by their room name – let’s you know exactly where the problem is. This is far better than a generic error message when you may have 10 or 20 sensors throughout your home.

A Smarter Way to Secure Your Home

Interested in better protection for your family? Embrace a wide-ranging security solution that gives you peace of mind from anywhere in the world. Keep the components and wiring hidden with a technology closet to keep your home safe and beautiful simultaneously.
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